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5200, Deluxe, Super & Turboblend VS

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Discount Vita-mix blender/juicer
Pictured above is the NEW Brushed Stainless Steel finish

White base - Vitamix

Lowest Price Vitamix No Risk 30-Day Home TrialDiscount Vitamix 7 (seven) Year Warranty

Lowest Price and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

World's best whole food juicer...  over forty uses: makes juice, smoothies, 
soup, ice cream, grinds grains, kneads dough and much more!

Special Offer
from: Human Excellence
(not Vitamix Corp.)

We here at Human Excellence have personally found these tools to be valuable when we use our Vitamix Blender, so we thought you could use them as well!

Order any Vitamix from our website links or by calling Vitamix directly (1-800-848-2649) and use our 06-003701 and we (Human Excellence NOT Vitamix Corp.) will send you both the Knife and the Spatula Set FREEEEE


Note: Although the stainless steel knife packaging does say "Bread" Knife (actually we don't even eat bread any more) we found the knife indispensable for cutting ALL of our fruits (pineapple, mango, apples, tomatoes...) and vegetables (cabbage, celery, cucumber...) Most knives make a mashed mess when cutting tomatoes and Nori rolls.
This knife makes cutting clean and easy!


YES... We sell the 3 VERSIONS (5200, Super 5200 and Deluxe 5200) in
white, red and black) of the Vitamix 5200 Series

Discount Vita mix blender/juicer
Base - Brushed Stainless Steel finish

Base - White

Base - Red
Low Price Vitamix
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Vitamix Super 5200 Model
Vitamix Super 5200 Model White
Base - White

Vitamix Super 5200 Model
Base - Black

Vitamix Super 5200 Model
Base - Red

Low Price Vitamix
Receive $25 OFF Delivery Price
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CODE: E: 06-003701

Vita-Mix Deluxe 5200 Blender
Base - White

Vita-Mix Deluxe 5200 Blender
Base - Black

Vita-Mix Deluxe 5200 Blender
Base - Red
Low Price Vitamix

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Ideal for the raw vegan lifestyle!

Image coming soon... Click below link to see the TurboBlend® VS

New Lowest Price Vitamix turboblend VS
New Vitamix turboblend VS

The new TurboBlend® VS is ideal for those that enjoy and value raw, vegan and vegetarian meals. Includes:

  • Vitamix Blender: Almost identical to the 5200 with variable speed control, a tamper, 2 part easy-to-remove lid, with the effective and efficient 2 peak HP motor.
  • Food-Prep Book: with hundreds of raw, vegan and vegetarian recipes and the - easy to read while preparing - Easel-back Design
    DVD Instructional Video - "Let's Get Started" with raw food author, Ani Phyo. Features raw, vegan and vegetarian blender techniques.
  • Nut Milk Bag: Made from hemp and ideal for raw cheeses, raw nut milk preparations, straining/filtering insoluble fiber from juices and sprouting.
  • BONUS Recipe Book: "Green Smoothie Revolution" by Victoria Boutenko

This Vitamix 5200 blender will constantly adapt to the needs of your family - tackling a total of 50 food feats. Four of these processes - including making juice, cooking soup, making frozen treats, and grinding grains and kneading dough  - are functions no other single appliance can perform!

You'll enjoy every one of them - from additive-free baby foods to whole-grain waffles and vitamin-rich fruit syrups, soups made from garden fresh ingredients, homemade ice cream with real kid appeal, power smoothies and more!
The free shipping* discount - Vita Mix 5200 is the easiest way to prepare food! Processing whole, fresh foods into delicious soups and juices makes eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day an absolute breeze!

Includes "Vitamix Whole Food Recipe Cookbook" as your guide, you are truly in control of what you and your family eat. It is both a blender and a whole food juicer.

When used as a juicer you can have all the nutrients of the vegetables or fruits instead of just extracting the liquid juice. Other juicers extract/separate leaving up to 80% of the nutrients thrown out as waste.

Vita mix blender/juicer is extreemly strong and easy to clean a Stainless steel enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearings.
a Specially designed clear Tritan Eastman co-polyester (BPA free material) blender container is virtually unbreakable and lets you see inside.
a The Vitamix 5200 patented container design pulls the ingredients into the blades
a Blend as little as 4oz. with the same consistency and quality as a full load.
a Metal-to-metal driver contact for maximum durability. Rugged construction, yet it can easily be replaced by the user if needed.
a Heavy duty 2+ Peak HP motor engineered for everyday use, year after year use.
  a Thermally protected motor prevents burnout.
a The blender has an easy to clean front panel has moisture shielded switches.
a Flexible 2 piece thermoplastic lid has a removable plug that lets you add ingredients while using the blender.
a This is the personal,  no-nonsense, hard working, "kitchen employee" you need.
               Includes the plunger (aka "Tamper Tool") and Whole Foods Cookbook!
Discount Vitamix TurboBlend 5200 Tamper (plunger) ToolLowest Price and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Pictured above is the Vitamix Model 5200

Vitamix 5200
Less than $450


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Q: What type of SHIPPING is offered?
: Standard shipping is FREE when you use our
FREE Shipping* Code:  06-003701  Priority Shipping is available for $70US or $45US when you
use our
FREE Shipping* Code:  06-003701. Delivery time is 3-6 days.
Note: Priority Shipping is not available in Canada.

Q: Does your Vitamix come with a warranty or guarantee?
: Absolutely! Both a full use warranty and guarantee
    I sell directly from the manufacturer and it comes with their
warranty and guarantee

Vitamix blender comes with a 7 Year Warranty!

How does the warranty work?
A: Vitamix takes full responsibility. You will first need to contact Vitamix
    direct at 1-800-848-2649 to receive a Return Authorization Number.
    To process the request, the Vitamix customer service representative
    will ask for the sixteen-digit serial number located on the back of your
    machine. Vitamix pays for the return shipping charges. Vitamix will
    repair the blender in a timely manner and ship it back at their expense.

Q: Does Vitamix offer a money-back guarantee?
A: The best!  If are not completely satisfied, you can return the blender
    undamaged within first 30 days, regardless of the number of times
    it has been used. You will receive credit upon returning the
    machine to Vitamix.

*Free shipping is for standard shipping and not for other types of shipping like Priority or Overnight.


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