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"Ultimate Speed Reader"
Speed Reading Software
by Knowledge Adventure

Original box cover for Ultimate Speed Reader

Buy Now - Ultimate Speed Reader
$39.99 (US only)

May be available for less
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YES, we sell the Davidson Ultimate Speed Reader - this product was temporarily repackaged and now back available to the public.


Note: This software has consistently been rated the by teachers (many tell us that the other well know product has caused many students to have headaches), US Military (they claim it help both their pilots to improve their flying and helping struggling cadets with their learning requirements) the best Speed Reading Software

 $39.99 (US only) Buy Now - Ultimate Speed Reader

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As recommended in this book

Essential speed reading software for :
Those smart and savvy people who know how important it is to stay informed and ahead of the curve in the "Information Age."

Benefits of Reading FASTER - "Speed Reading"


Speed read through any type of reading, books, newspaper, technical materials, billboards, TV, corporate memos, reports, e-mails, web surfing, even software code...
t Stay on top of the competitive job market, increase job security, or get a better job.
t Develop better learning strategies.
t Improve time management skills.
t Improve memory, recall.
t Improve test grades.
t Improve study skills
Ultimate Speed Reader is an award-winning speed reading program that can be used by people of all ranges of abilities. Originally designed to help competent readers double, triple or even quadruple their reading speed. The Ultimate Speed Reader software also makes it very appropriate for use by students with low literacy skills.
The Curriculum Skills include:
   1  Develop speed reading while improving comprehension
   2  Developing rate of visual perception
   3  Developing horizontal eye movements
   4  Expanding peripheral acuity and focus

Main training page for the Ultimate Speed Reader software

Highlights of the Ultimate Speed Reader program include:
Six challenging activities to give you the variety and balance needed to read anything with both speed and accuracy. The different exercises will assist you to increase perception rate, improve peripheral vision and develop correct eye movements.
Over two hundred speed reading passages in ten categories including sport, technology, literature, entertainment and business. Ten theme categories in a variety of popular and interesting subjects, including sports, technology, business, psychology and entertainment. These are presented in a variety of formats to help build a range of speeds for newspapers, memos, reports and recreational speed reading.
An editor feature that gives you the ability to import any speed reading passages or text files, whether from the Internet or any other source. Parents and teachers can also add comprehension questions to the new passages.
An individualized program that helps you to set and reach your own (can be set up to keep tract of more than one user) goals in two ways: 1 You adjust the pace. 2 Artificial intelligence automatically adjusts the training program as your speed reading skills improve
A charts and graphs that enables you to assess current reading speed and comprehension; and view and monitor your progress throughout the program.
An arcade-style game for a change of pace while still challenging perception and peripheral vision.

"Every day, we are bombarded by thousands of pieces of communication: newspapers, magazines, e-mails, reports, memos, books, and more," said Faye Schwartz, senior producer of the product. "The ability to absorb and process all of this information quickly and accurately is an important skill in today's fast-paced world. Ultimate Speed Reader gives users the tools to digest this wealth of information quickly and effectively, thereby giving them a competitive advantage."

Whether you are a dyslexic student and find you have a slow reading speed, or you would simply like to read faster in order to get through that ever increasing pile of correspondence, and will make this task easier by giving you the skills to increase your reading speed and improve your comprehension.

 $39.99 (US only)
Buy Now - Ultimate Speed Reader
May be available for less
click Buy Now for current price

Contact us by email for single and multi-computer orders

Davidson Ultimate Speed Reader ( Speed Reading Software )
System Minimum

Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista
2X CD-ROM drive
133MHz or faster
~16 MB hard drive space
256-color SVGA graphics
Windows-compatible sound card

Note: Some people have reported it can run on older computers e.g.:
Windows 3.1
33MHz 486
a Windows-compatible sound card

2X CD-ROM drive
Motorola 68040 processor or Power Mac
System 7.1 or higher
~16 MB hard drive space
256 colors
13" monitor or larger


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